MSF teams in São Gabriel da Cachoeira, Brazil - Photo by Mariana Abdalla/MSF
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First-ever voluntary license to patent pool in the pandemic does not go far enough.

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Photo by Mariana Abdalla/MSF

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Share the Tech - Save lives

If BioNTech, Pfizer and Moderna share their mRNA vaccine technology and know-how, via the World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Technology Transfer Hub based in South Africa, millions of new COVID-19 vaccines could be delivered within months.

The African continent is one of the regions most affected by vaccine shortages.

We need to urgently address this inequity.

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No Patents, No Monopolies in a Pandemic

Since October 2020, a global movement to make COVID-19 vaccines, treatments, tests, & other medical tools more accessible worldwide has grown. Now, more than 100 countries support the TRIPS Waiver, while just a handful of wealthy countries continue to block it.

Ask opposing countries to stop blocking the proposal for #NoCovidMonopolies

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What good is a breakthrough medicine if the people who need it can't afford it?