what-does-the-msf-access-campaign-do Photograph by Todd Brown

What does the MSF Access Campaign do?

Photograph by Todd Brown
what-does-the-msf-access-campaign-do Photograph by Todd Brown

"As a person living with HIV the most fearful thing is when you hear that the drug is not gonna be found... It’s just like putting a rope and tying it on a neck of a person"

Charles Sako
Receives antiretroviral treatment for HIV in Kibera

MSF’s medical teams tell us about patient needs.

We respond by analysing the barriers to providing treatment and look for solutions. 

We work to make necessary treatment affordable, available and adapted to the places where MSF works.

We also keep a close watch on medical advances and see how these can be brought to people receiving treatment in our projects and beyond.

We focus on medical challenges with the greatest impact on the people we care for, such as tuberculosis, and immunisation. But we also look at neglected diseases and other unmet needs our teams confront.

Additionally, we use analysis and advocacy to bring change to intellectual property and trade policies that block access to medicines, and to drive medical research & development that responds to the health needs of the communities we serve.

Too often, profits are prioritised over people, blocking greater access to medical care. 


How you can help

When you join one of our public campaigns, you work with MSF to save lives.

More support means more power to achieve change.

Explore our current campaigns below, and sign up to help expand people’s access to treatment, testing and vaccination.

Campaigns you can support now

MSF protest outside of Pfizer HQ in New York City Photograph by Edwin Torres

Give All Children A Fair Shot

Join us in demanding a lower price
for pneumonia vaccine, and help save nearly
1 million children every year!

Join us in demanding change by sharing our content.

Social media lets us voice our concerns and deliver our demands directly to corporations, governments and institutions.

It’s among our most powerful tools for helping the people we care for.


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