Hepatitis C Treatment - Cured Patients Photograph by Todd Brown

“Before I started this treatment, I felt hopeless”

Din Savorn - Living with hepatitis C in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Photograph by Todd Brown
Hepatitis C Treatment - Cured Patients Photograph by Todd Brown

What if you couldn’t afford the medicines you need to stay alive?

Police officer Din Savorn was in despair.

He’d learned that new medicines which could cure his hepatitis C existed but were unaffordable.

Then he saw on social media that MSF was offering free treatment locally. And today, he’s cured.

We’ve seen newer and more effective treatments turn people's lives around. But millions of others are missing out.

We’ve made progress in driving drug prices down and simplifying treatment from start to finish. Now it’s time for countries to join us in offering new hope to people with the virus.

But there’s a very long way to go – and far too many people in need of help.


Three things to know about hepatitis C

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What MSF staff are saying

Hepatitis C Treatment Cambodia Photograph by Todd Brown

“It took both of his children and a bit of help from me to get him onto the exam table. His abdomen was the size of a 36-week pregnancy and felt dull and tight to my touch.”

Dr Teresa Chan, writing from MSF’s hepatitis C clinic in Cambodia.