#NoCovidMonopolies - Twitter storm activist toolkit


The World Trade Organisation is deciding a way forward on South Africa's and India's proposal for #NoCovidMonopolies and we need YOU to help us stand up for global solidarity in this COVID-19 pandemic. Millions of peoples lives depend on it. 

Help us tell the remaining major opponents of the TRIPS Waiver (UK, the EU & Germany, Norway and Switzerland) to get on the right side of history and stop blocking the movement for #NoCovidMonopolies!

[Last updated: 20 July 2021 - Sources: Knowledge Ecology International, TWN & WTO]  Note: The discussions at the WTO are taking place behind closed doors. As such, we strive to update the map as soon as we have confirmation of each country’s evolving positions.

How to create a Twitter storm

Step 1. Click on UK, Germany, Switzerland or Norway on the map to find the Twitter handles and copy the tweet

Step 2: Go on Twitter to compose your message and paste the tweet and the handle

Step 3: Download this image and upload it on Twitter

Step 4: Post!

Step 5: Invite your friends to do the same!

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Everyone, everywhere should have access to lifesaving #COVID19 tests, treatments & vaccines.

More than 100 countries support the #TRIPSWaiver - why are you still blocking it?


Twitter storm animated GIF - 23 July 2021

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What’s wrong with this map?  

Wealthy countries are blocking a proposal that would allow more countries to manufacture & access #COVID19 medical tools.  

Negotiations for the #TRIPSwaiver continue. 

Help us change the story 👇  #NoCovidMonopolies 

No Patents Council Map 20 July 2021

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