Free Trade Agreements: what we're doing

We’re focusing on patent and intellectual property issues in international agreements and national laws. Some of the major issues we're tackling are:

Civil society demonstration against IP provisions in RCEP that can block access to affordable medicines during the 6th round of negotiations. 3rd December 2014 Photograph by Siddharth Singh

Keeping the ‘pharmacy of the developing world’ open

MSF relies heavily on Indian generic medicines for the treatment of HIV, tuberculosis (TB), malaria and other infectious diseases.  But India is under attack from the US, the EU, Japan and others who are protecting multinational pharmaceutical profits over peoples’ lives. 

With the #HandsOffOurMeds campaign, MSF is urging India to maintain its intellectual property policies, including patent laws, that place people’s lives above pharmaceutical profits, in the interest of public health.


Metro advertisements for Doctors Without Borders in Washington DC, 2015. Photograph by Drew Angerer