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World AIDS Day 2016

Photograph by Rachel Corner
Alice Otiato, MSF’s Project Coordinator at the Epworth Clinic on Harare’s outskirts, talks to a mother at Epworth Clinic. Her child is severely handicapped and the mother is upset that people have told her she is to blame. Alice encourages the mother to be strong and not to listen to unfriendly words from other people. ‘The only thing that matters is your child,’ Alice reassures her.

We are marking World AIDS Day 2016 with stories from Myanmar and Zimbabwe.


Adolescents wtih HIV: Don't let them slip away

In Myanmar, adolescents make up around 5 per cent of our total HIV cohort of nearly 35,000 people.


A decade later in Epworth, life grows

In the ten years since the HIV program began in Epworth, Zimbabwe, HIV prevalence has reduced from over 30 per cent at its peak, to 15 per cent, and today over 1,000 HIV positive patients have formed support groups in the community.

Surviving HIV in Zimbabwe
Photo story.


For HIV, only half the job is done

While 18.2 million people living with HIV are receiving antiretroviral treatment (ART), a further 18 million living with the disease are not. With 1.1 million HIV-related deaths, and 2.1 million new infections in 2015, the end of AIDS is not in sight.