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What can the EU do now to make its commitments to access & innovation real?

Making it Happen:

Improving Health through Innovation and Access
What can the EU do now to make its commitments real?

Hosted by MEP Carl Schlyter

Location: European Parliament, Brussels
Room A5E1
27 October 2010 12:30-14:30

The EU Council recognises and has committed to address the global disparities in access to health care through support for research and innovation. On this occasion we will discuss with the European Commission – DG Research what steps the EC should take to implement the Conclusions on Global Health and the WHO’s Global Strategy and Plan of Action. Research and innovation mechanisms can be designed at their outset to support access to the resulting medical innovations for the world’s poor. Topics will include piloting the development of a Point-of-Care diagnostic tool for tuberculosis, and how to delink the cost of research and development from product prices. We will also highlight the need for sustainable funding of Product Development Partnerships, and the great importance of EU support for innovation and access/delinking mechanisms within the FP8.

Event Summary: Download complete notes from the EP working group event on 27 October