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TB Diagnostics Expert Meeting April 2008

On 11 April 2008, MSF convened a one-day consultation of tuberculosis public health experts, scientists, diagnostics and drug developers, health economists and intellectual property specialists with the aim of feeding into the World Health Organization's work on public health, innovation and intellectual property.

On the one hand the urgent diagnostic needs from the field were presented by MSF staff and possible new funding mechanisms to match these needs were explored with expert contributors.

By grounding the discussions in the real diagnostic needs from the field, it was hoped to encourage the negotiators at the WHO to turn their talk into action.

The specific objective was to contribute to developing proposals and assessing new ways of paying for medical research so that it is steered towards addressing the most urgent health needs in developing countries.

Click here to read the report of the meeting and a list of participants


How to boost funding for R&D for low cost POC test and better Tb drugs: Giorgio Rocigno, Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics

The Research and Development Goals of The Global Plan to Stop TB 2006 - 2015: Marcos Espinal Executive Secretary of The Global Plan to Stop TB

Funding Full Development of the Emerging Pipeline in Tb: Paul L Herrling, Head of Corporate Research, Novartis International AG

How to Move Forward on the TB Research Movement: Dr Mario Raviglione, Director, Stop TB Department, WHO, Geneva

Incentives for Tb Diagnostics and Drugs: Aidan Hollis, University of Calgary

Progress and Main Challenges in TB drug R&D: Martina Casenghi, MSF Access Campaign

Progress and Main Challenges to Development of POC test for active TB: Ruth McNerney, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicines

The Advance Market Commitment: Innovative Finance for Development: Tania Cernuschi, GAVI Alliance

The Role of Prizes for Low-Cost Point-of-Care Rapid Diagnostic Tests and Better Drugs for TB: Jamie Love, Knowledge Ecology International

Tracking the Shortfall in TB Research Funding: Javid Syed, Treatment Action Group