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We believe that everyone has a right to affordable medical care wherever they live.

We are living through a global pandemic. Scientists are racing to develop new medicines, vaccines and tests. But we fear that these new tools won’t reach everyone in need because of patent and other IP barriers. MSF has seen how patents can block lifesaving medicines from people in our care for many decades and we can’t allow it to happen now with COVID-19.

That’s why we’ve launched our campaign, No Patents, No Monopolies in a Pandemic. 

We look forward to having you on board and updating you on our activities - Thank YOU!

South African activists protest in support of the WTO TRIPS Waiver

No Patents, No Monopolies in a Pandemic

Monopolies are often an obstacle between people and the lifesaving health tools they need. Patents and other exclusivities limit supply and keep prices high.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown we need new rules that can help every country address the fast-growing medical needs during a major global health crisis.

Over 100 countries at the World Trade Organization (WTO) supported a proposal to temporarily waive patents, trade secrets and other intellectual property (IP) on all COVID-19 medical tools.

Photo by Tadeu Andre