The Right Shot

Photograph by Yann Libessart
2013 marked the first time that PCV is being used in South Sudan and one of the first vaccines to be implemented in compliance with the new WHO emergency vaccination recommendations.

The MSF Access Campaign’s The Right Shot report series examines the root causes of vaccine affordability and adaptation challenges and provides recommendations on the actions stakeholders can take to ensure the benefits of immunisation are available to all.

Vaccination has been a cornerstone of Médecins Sans Frontières’ (MSF) work to reduce illness and death caused by preventable diseases for more than 40 years. However, we increasingly face challenges at the field and global levels in expanding capacity to address immunisation needs – including the rising cost of new vaccines and the lack of vaccine products suited for resource-limited settings – which are also obstacles for health systems in affected countries.

The 2nd edition of The Right Shot outlines how access to 16 fundamentally important vaccines has evolved since their development. The report analyses how access and pricing are affected by the fact that a few multinational companies dominate the market, a lack of competition, various procurement strategies and purchasing conditions, and the business practices of the pharmaceutical industry.

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