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Putting HIV Treatment to the Test, 1st Ed, 2013

Photograph by Andre Francois

Routine evaluation of a person’s HIV viral load is important in identifying who needs help in adhering to HIV treatment.  Viral load can help prevent viral transmission, because people with ‘undetectable’ viral load have a very low risk of transmitting HIV. Viral load is a much more accurate way than the commonly used CD4 count to determine how well someone is doing on treatment, potentially an avoiding unnecessary switch to more expensive second- or third-line treatment. The World Health Organization now strongly recommends implementing routine viral load monitoring; however, current tests are expensive and complex for remote and resource-limited settings.

Our 2013 report, Putting HIV Treatment to the Test, looks at these issues on a number of viral load and point of care CD4 diagnostic tests.

Putting HIV Treatment to the Test, 1st Ed, 2013