Fred is preparing the labels for the blood samples, at the HIV department of Arua Regional hospital-Uganda Photograph by Isabel Corthier
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Putting HIV and HCV to the Test, 2nd Ed., 2015

Photograph by Isabel Corthier

A product guide for point-of-care CD4 and laboratory-based and point-of-care virological HIV and HCV tests, published in July 2015.

This product guide is for policymakers, treatment providers and advocates interested in learning more about laboratory-based and point-of-care virological HIV and hepatitis C (HCV), and point-of-care CD4, diagnostic and monitoring tests.

Supplementary Information 

HIV Viral Load Toolkit: An implementer's guide to introducing HIV viral load monitoring

MSF's Southern Africa Medical Unit has produced the HIV Viral Load Toolkit, designed to provide implementers with a set of tools to aid in implementation of VL monitoring including aspects related to sample preparation, activities for clinical and counselling staff, and education and empowerment of the patients themselves. The tools and algorithms form a basis for implementation, but will need to be adapted to the local context.

Supplementary Material for Product Guide Supplementary material includes national recommendations on infant diagnosis, testing of pregnant and breast-feeding women, CD4, and viral load testing, across 55 low- and middle-income countries, sourced from the IAPAC database.

Supplementary material for product guide: Putting HIV and HCV to the test

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Putting HIV and HCV to the Test, 2nd Ed., 2015