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Progress Reported on Implementation of Offer for More Affordable Anti-AIDS Drug

Mumbai, 23 February 2001 — Two days of discussions between Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and generic drug producer Cipla Limited have resulted in clarification of how the Cipla offer for more affordable anti-AIDS drugs will be implemented.  These discussions followed an announcement made by the company two weeks ago.  The following points were agreed upon by MSF and Cipla:

Governments of developing countries can immediately take advantage of the offer for its triple-combination anti-retroviral drugs for $600 per patient per year by contacting Cipla directly. This offer is available without restrictions in time, geography or quantity. This is the first time that across-the-board price reductions have been made available without restrictions. The company will also provide similar levels of prices for its other anti-retroviral drugs. Cipla cooperates with drug regulatory authorities to provide all necessary documentation for registration as required in individual countries.

MSF will integrate some of these drugs into existing protocols where these drugs are already registered by national health authorities. The organization is beginning anti-retroviral pilot programs in approximately 10 countries. Sources of drug supply will vary according to availability, registration and affordability.

To expand the offer of a humanitarian price ($350 per patient per year) which has been made to MSF, Cipla agrees to examine several additional possibilities, including working with third parties to increase the number of patients that could be reached and treated.

Cipla is also open to have a dialogue with the relevant UN agencies. The company also agrees to participate in meaningful discussions on potential international procurement of antiretrovirals for developing countries, along with developing country representatives, donors and relevant members of the UN system.

A sample of  Cipla’s prices offered to governments:
A combination of stavudine (d4T) 40 mg tablets, lamivudine (3TC) 150 mg tablets and nevirapine (NVP) 200 mg tablets, twice daily: $600 per patient per year. 

A breakdown of the above price offer for the individual drugs is as follows:
d4T 40 mg : $70;  3TC 150 mg : $190;  NVP 200 mg: $340.