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Out of Step: TB policies in 24 countries, 2nd Ed., 2015

English (ENG) and Russian (RU) versions available to download

Out of Step 2015 report cover
Photograph by Helmut Wachter

The 2015 Out of Step report presents the results of a survey of 24 countries conducted by Stop TB Partnership and MSF. Building on the first edition of Out of Step published in 2014, this year’s survey tracked implementation of the latest TB policies, guidelines and tools across five areas: diagnosis and drug resistance testing; drug-sensitive TB (DS-TB) treatment regimens; MDR-TB treatment regimens; models of care; and regulatory frameworks. The results of this survey provide a snapshot of the world’s readiness to defeat the TB epidemic. Although effectively implemented policies and guidelines alone will not be sufficient, they form the foundation for a strong and comprehensive TB response that leaves no one with TB behind.

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Out of Step: TB policies in 24 countries, 2nd Ed., 2015