Kingsley Makwale MSF clinician examining Aisha at Mbenje Health Centre on the first appointment date of Aisha after being discharged from the hospital.
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No time to lose: detect, treat and prevent AIDS

Photograph by Isabel Corthier

AIDS related mortality remains high - 770,000 deaths in 2018 - and has hardly declined in recent years. This global trend is reflected in countries where Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) works and continues to witness high ongoing mortality.

To achieve the UNAIDS target of 500,000 deaths in 2020 requires a focus on and a drastic acceleration of measures to decrease mortality. For this it is  necessary to plan,  fund and implement a package of care to prevent, detect and treat Advanced HIV Disease (AHD) or AIDS, as outlined in the World Health Organisation’s 2017 Guidelines for managing Advanced HIV Disease and rapid initiation of antiretroviral therapy.

This report, compiled by MSF, presents data from the AHD dashboard initiated by the HIV Advanced Disease Consortium (HIV-ADC).