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MSF quote on TPP negotiations in Hanoi, Vietnam


The TPP negotiators are convening in Hanoi, Vietnam, between 1 and 10 September, 2014. It has been confirmed access to medicines/health and intellectual property are on the agenda of this round of negotiations.

September 2014 – Statement from Rohit Malpani, Director of Policy and Analysis, MSF Access Campaign:

“Negotiators will be under pressure in Hanoi this week to hammer out the final parts of the TPP agreement; even so, their most critical task is not concluding the agreement, but to ensure that provisions that would severely impact on the health of millions of people across the Asia-Pacific region are taken out of the final text.

The US government is pressing to push through a broad variety of demands, including for countries to implement data exclusivity and patent evergreening provisions for medicines, which would be disastrous for people and for treatment providers like MSF who rely on access to affordable drugs.

These US negotiating demands, which are patent abuse in its purest form, would allow multinational pharmaceutical companies to extend patents and other monopolies on drugs beyond the 20 years already required by international law, which is a huge worry, as this will delay access to low-cost generic medicines. To demand governments to condone and sign up to such practices – literally at the expense of affordable healthcare for their citizens – is unacceptable.

Even after other countries have demanded that public health not be undermined, the US has refused to back down. The US needs drop any provisions that would harm access to affordable medicines, and other TPP negotiating countries need to reject them.”