CD4 testing machine at Centro de Saúde da Munhava, Beira, Mozambique Photo credit: Morgana Wingard/NAMUH
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Make It Count: Access to Point-of-Care CD4 Testing Under Threat

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Photo credit: Morgana Wingard/NAMUH

CD4 tests, which count the number of CD4 cells in a blood sample, are an essential tool for the clinical management of people living with HIV. Point-of-care devices enable CD4 testing near the patient, allowing rapid result delivery and hence rapid clinical decision making. However, global access to point-of-care CD4 test devices is under threat due to business decisions by manufacturers responding to a reduction in demand for CD4 tests. 

In this Q&A, available in English and French, we outline the continued need for CD4 testing and analyse the emerging threats to the supply of point-of-care CD4 test devices. In order to ensure sustainable access to lifesaving point-of-care CD4 testing technologies, we call for actions by industry, countries, donors, global health actors and civil society.