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IGWG booklet: Putting Patients First: New Directions in Medical Innovation

MSF's collection of interviews and essays on some of the gaps in medical research and access and some proposals to reform the current system. Contributions include the following:

  • Dr Tido Von Schoen-Angerer: WANTED: New Ideasto Steer and Finance Medical Research & Development, and Ensure Access to Medicines
  • Dr Liesbet Ohler: Calling All Governments: Put Patients’ Needs First!
  • Martine Usdin: Dying For a Test: “We need to Break the Cycle of Neglect”
  • James Love: “And the Winner is…” How the Prize Model Could Help Deliver Needed Drugs and Diagnostics
  • Dr Alexandra Calmy: Is AIDS a Neglected Disease?
  • Dr Bernard Pecoul: “Innovation Depends on Public Leadership and Not just Public Funding”
  • Dr Jose Luis Dvorzak  and Dr Victor Conde: Falling Through the Cracks: Working to Fight Chagas Disease with Limited Tools
  • Laurent Gadot: Advance Market Commitments: Are They Worth the Hype?
  • Dr Peter Saranchuk: ‘Outrageous’ Cost of Medicine Condemns AIDS Patients to Blindness
  • Martin Khor: DOHA Derailed