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Examples of the importance of India as the "Pharmacy of the Developing World"

Quick overview:

  • India is the main supplier of essential medicines for developing countries.
  • 67 % of medicines produced in India are exported to developing countries.
  • Main procurement agencies for developing countries’ health programmes purchase their medicines in India, where there are quality products and low prices.
  • Approx. 50% of the essential medicines that UNICEF distributes in developing countries come from India
  • 75-80% of all medicines distributed by the International Dispensary Association (IDA) to developing countries are manufactured in India. (IDA is a medical supplier operating on a not-for-profit basis for distribution of essential medicines to developing countries.)
  • In Zimbabwe, 75% of tenders for medicines for all public sector health facilities come from Indian manufacturers
  • The state procurement agency in Lesotho, NDSO, states it buys nearly 95% of all ARVs from India.