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Drug-resistant TB treatment: A Slow & Painful Process


Photographer and MSF field worker Misha Friedman visited MSF’s tuberculosis project in Nukus, western Uzbekistan, where he met patients with heartbreaking stories: a 19-year-old man whose year and a half of difficult treatment for multi drug-resistance TB (MDR-TB) did not work; a 16-year-old boy who has recovered but feels the stigma of having had TB; a young woman weighing 50 pounds, holding on to hope that her treatment will be effective.

We urgently need to solve the immediate problems of supply and high prices of the drugs available now for MDR-TB, especially since a new test has been developed that will allow us to diagnose patients more easily. Another urgent need is for better drugs that will treat the disease more quickly and with fewer burdens - including horrific side effects - on patients.