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DNDi, the Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative: An Innovative Solution

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To improve the quality of life and the health of people suffering from neglected diseases by using an alternative model to develop drugs for these diseases and ensuring equitable access to new and field relevant health tools.

In this not-for-profit model, driven by the public sector, a variety of players will collaborate to raise awareness of the need to research and develop drugs for those neglected diseases that fall outside the scope of market-driven research and development (R&D). They will also build public responsibility and leadership in addressing the needs of these patients.


DNDi will develop new drugs or new formulations of existing drugs for patients suffering from the most neglected communicable diseases. Acting in the public interest, it will bridge the existing R&D gaps in essential drugs for these diseases by initiating and coordinating drug R&D projects in collaboration with the international research community, the public sector, the pharmaceutical industry, and other relevant partners.

DNDi will address unmet needs by taking on projects that others are unable or unwilling to pursue. Although DNDi’s primary focus will be the development of drugs for the most neglected diseases such as sleeping sickness, kala-azar, and Chagas disease, it will also consider engaging R&D projects on other neglected diseases. As means permit, it will consider the development of diagnostics and/or vaccines. In pursuing these goals, DNDi will manage R&D networks built on South-South and North-South collaborations and solidarity. It will use and support existing capacity in countries where the diseases are endemic, and contribute to building additional capacity in a sustainable manner through technology transfer in the field of drug research and development for neglected diseases.