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Chagas: Time to Break the Silence

The infectious disease called 'Chagas' causes 15,000 deaths each year worldwide and is one of the main concerns of public health in Bolivia which is the country with the highest prevalence of the disease. In the outskirts of Cochabamba town MSF is working in several health centres and promoting the inclusion of adults and patients in the initial clinical phase of Chagas treatment. This is a step forward in the fight against the illness since until a few years ago it was thought that the treatment was only effective in very young children.

This year is the centenary of the discovery of Chagas disease.

Based on our experience, MSF appeals to the governments of endemic countries to increase the use of existing diagnostic tools and treatments, as well as access for patients to the care they need.

Likewise, MSF underlines the urgent need for improved rapid diagnostic tests, new less toxic and more effective medicines, paediatric formulas and treatment tests.

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