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Access Challenges to COVID-19 Therapeutic Candidates

Photograph by Jacob Burns

*Note: This briefing document offers only a shortlist of priority candidate therapeutics. This document will be updated on a regular basis and may not be completely up to date due to rapid developments. Please refer to the last updated date at the top of the document.

The global COVID-19 pandemic presents an unprecedented public health challenge to all countries in the world. Ensuring the availability and accessibility of effective medicines is one of the vital pillars to support the response and control of the pandemic globally. 

To date, multiple clinical trials are ongoing in different countries to test the therapeutic candidates for SARS-CoV-2 infection. This briefing document aims to provide an up-to-date snapshot analysis of the key access and supply challenges for selected promising candidate medicines.

Information in this briefing document:

  1. Background explanation of the exclusivity barriers that could affect access to COVID-19 therapeutics, including patents, data exclusivity, and policy and legal safeguards.
  2. Key drug information for selected leading candidates, including medical attributes, patents and other exclusivity rights, supply situation, and pricing.
  3. Colour-coded summary table of access risk levels for selected drug candidates, related to supply, manufacturing capacity, pricing, intellectual property barriers, and regulatory challenges.