Preparation of medications in the pharmacy of the MSF Matsapha clinic. Matsapha, Manzini Region, Swaziland. Photograph by Alexis Huguet
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The 3P Project - Accelerating Innovation and Access to Medicines for Tuberculosis

Photograph by Alexis Huguet

The ‘3P Project’ aims to rapidly deliver affordable, effective new regimens for TB through an open collaborative approach to conducting drug development and through novel approaches to financing and coordinating R&D. The 3P Project implements three mechanisms to facilitate the necessary and appropriate R&D for TB regimens:

- pull funding to incentivise R&D activities through the promise of financial rewards on the achievement of certain R&D objectives (i.e. through milestone prizes)

- pooling of intellectual property (IP) and data to ensure open collaborative research and fair licensing for competitive production of the final products

- push funding to finance R&D activities upfront (i.e. through grants)