We aim to build support for expanding HIV treatment to save lives and prevent the spread of the virus. Building on our experience treating HIV, we are introducing new treatment approaches and using our expertise to fight for lower medicine prices.

3. December 2014
Undetectable 6

Achieving Undetectable: What questions remain in scaling-up HIV virologic treatment monitoring?

Issue Brief » Addressing the barriers that are preventing the broad scale-up of viral load testing on the ground.

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HIV/AIDS: The Issues

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Learn about the issues MSF & others confront in the diagnosis and treatment of HIV/AIDS.

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HIV status: Undetectable
How Viral Load testing helped 47 year old Marita Saka who is HIV positive to adjust and improve her treatment...

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Learn about MSF’s work treating people with HIV  - today 210,000 people with HIV are today receiving antiretroviral treatment from MSF in 23 countries.

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Some essential ARVs used to treat HIV/AIDS require refrigeration and so can’t be dispensed to patients that don’t have electricity (let alone fridges) at home

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