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Blog |
13 March 2023

Amid scarcity and soaring prices, China could issue compulsory license for Paxlovid

After three years of its “Zero COVID” policy, the Chinese government allowed a return to relative normalcy for its citizens in early December 2022. Due to the ongoing transmission of Omicron and its numerous COVID subvariants in China, the sudden policy shift was accompanied by rapid community transmission across the country and high numbers of severe COVID cases.

Blog |
09 February 2023

Snakebite reflecting on the neglected disease

Some diseases are more neglected than others. This is the case with snakebites, which are responsible for more than 100,000 deaths every year worldwide. A recent MSF publication in Toxicon X highlights the resources needed to improve the management of snakebite venom poisoning in resource-limited settings.

Blog |
17 January 2023

New, shorter treatment brings hope for TB patient Dilaram

In late 2022, science delivered when we shared the stunning results of a five-year clinical trial for a groundbreaking new treatment regimen for people living with drug-resistant TB. Ahead in 2023, we are looking forward to seeing the benefits to people’s lives as the treatment is rolled out in MSF projects and beyond. Here is the story of Dilaram, a nurse from Uzbekistan, about her participation in the clinical trial and how it changed her life.