I Need a TB Test that Works for Me!

An MSF mini-site depicting the lives and experiences of people living with tuberculosis & their struggles to get an accurate diagnosis

29. March 2009.

We’ve brought together the experiences of people with tuberculosis (TB) from Kenya, Georgia and India in trying to get a correct diagnosis of their illness. Their journey towards that goal has been long, frustrating and often chaotic. They, at least, have finally been able to get a correct diagnosis and be put on treatment. Many are not.

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India 2006 © Sophie Scott//MSF

TB Tests: The Issues

South Africa 2011 © Jose Cendon

Currently available diagnostic tests for TB fail patients in the developing world, but most especially children and people living with HIV.

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Real Story of TB: Georgia

Georgia 2009 © Julie Damond/MSF

Shorana Konjaria's husband thought his drug-resistant TB was cured in the summer of 2008. But his illness returned. He returned to Zugdidi TB hospital in Georgia and was started on treatment again. He is now awaiting the results of a culture test which will reveal if his treatment is actually working.

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Real Story of TB: Kenya

Kenya 2009 © Julie Damond/MSF

Rebecca Achieng Juma is being treated at a clinic in Mathare where MSF treats patients infected with both HIV and TB. Because she is infected with HIV, her TB does not show up well on an X-ray and she had difficulties producing samples of sputum for testing.

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Real Story of TB: India

India 2006 © Sophie Scott//MSF

Bharat Terde is being treated by MSF in Mumbai, India. He is HIV positive and also has TB. Because of his HIV infection, it was very difficult and time-consuming to diagnose his TB. Bharat lost time when he could have been getting treatment.

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