Based on MSF’s field experience and needs, we are pushing for better coverage with existing vaccines like measles and for cheaper and better adapted versions of new vaccines.

20. January 2015

New MSF report: skyrocketing vaccine prices in a market shrouded in secrecy.

Vaccines are among our most important medical tools for protecting the health of children. And yet, for all their power to safeguard young lives, vaccines are also extremely challenging to use in developing countries. 



Vaccines: The Issues

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Learn about the issues involved in developing vaccines that work for developing coutries and supporting wide immunisation coverage.

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Vaccines: A Preventable Fate
Twenty percent of all the babies born in the world each year—the equivalent of nearly five times the children born yearly in the United States—are not getting the basic vaccines they need to be protected from killer diseases, such as measles...

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MSF & Vaccines

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Find out more about where MSF is running vaccination campaigns in response to disease outbreaks and to protect populations.

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Vaccines Facts

Each year, over 23 million children go unvaccinated, even though basic childhood immunisation is one of the few health interventions to which most of the world’s poor have access, free of charge and through the public sector.

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