We are calling for the development of a point-of-care TB test and working to increase access to treatment for drug resistant TB by supporting the introduction of promising new medicines and tackling supply problems of older drugs. 

24. March 2014


People with DR-TB & their medical providers have launched a manifesto demanding improved diagnostics & treatment, increased access to treatment, and the finances necessary to support these activities.


Zimbabwe 2012 © Julie Remy

Tuberculosis: The Issues

Cambodia © Sean Brokenshire/MSF

Learn about the issues MSF & others confront in the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis.

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Featured multimedia

DRTB in the town of Mon
In the mountainous region of Nagaland in North East India, MSF is working alongside the local and national authorities to provide treatment for patients with drug resistant TB in the town of Mon...

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MSF & Tuberculosis

Find out about MSF’s treatment programmes for TB - in 2011, MSF treated 26,600 TB patients in 39 countries.

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Tuberculosis Facts

Prices for TB drugs have been increasing as some manufacturers put an end to subsidies that have kept prices lower

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